Commercial Roofing Repair

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Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roof Repair Service

Commercial buildings utilize a variety of roofing materials depending on the pitch of the building, but commonly, commercial roofing is “flat”. Without a slope, a flat roof can create a pond on the rooftop. Standing water is never a good thing, especially on a roof. A low pitched roof limits your options when it comes to material selection. Composition shingles, tile, and metal are all not options on very low sloped roofs. This is because the way it is installed, by overlapping one row on top of each other, creates an environment where water can back up underneath and deteriorate the underlayment, eventually causing a leak. Commercial Roofing requires a knowledgeable and experienced roofing expert. Whether the building is experiencing roof leaks, his damage, or is simple aging, call American Eagle Roofing to help with your commercial roofing needs. We provide quality commercial roof repair services and full commercial roof replacements. Also included is some photos, the photo titled "flat".