Why You Should Install a Metal Roof in Tahoe

January 19, 2024

Your Tahoe home needs a new roof, maybe your current roof is leaking, or you’re just trying to be proactive and start the project before you have a roof leak. Roof leaks in Tahoe can be very hard to repair if there is snow, so it is a good idea to replace your roof before it becomes a problem. 

When deciding on replacing your roof, a metal roof in Tahoe is an excellent choice. There are many positives to having a metal roof on your Tahoe home.  

  1. Metal roofing performs well in unforgiving environments. South Lake Tahoe gets an average of 142 inches of snow per year. Under these conditions, a metal roof is a superior choice when selecting a material for your Tahoe roof. Metal is extremely durable, contrary to wood shake or composition shingles which may be damaged with a heavy snow load.  Metal roofing is naturally slick, so it helps the roof shed the snow load, unlike other materials that can trap snow and ice and create ice dams. 
  2. Metal roofing is energy efficient. On the flip side of the above metric, South Lake Tahoe ironically has more sunny days per year than the US average. Metal roofing is naturally energy efficient because the metal roofing reflects the sun's UV rays which can reduce energy costs in the summer up to 25%. 
  3. Metal roofs are good for high fire areas. As with any tree covered environment, the risk of fire is high, especially in summer months. A metal roof does not spark, and is a useful tool in protecting a home in a fire. While most metal roofs are not class A fire rated alone, they can be installed with a special underlayment that will make the roof system Class A fire rated. 
  4. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly. If you live in Tahoe, you probably love the outdoors and wilderness. If you have a vacation home in Tahoe, you probably feel the same. Wanting to protect the environment is a huge priority for most people, and metal roofing in Tahoe is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Metal roofs are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable at the end of its life span. Contrary to composition shingle roofs, which produces nearly 20 billion pounds of waste per year. 
  5. Metal roofs are long lasting. On your Tahoe roof, longevity is probably important to you. Metal roofing can last between 50-70 years when installed correctly and properly maintained.  

As with any roof project, it is very important to hire a licensed and insured roofing contractor for your roof project. If you need an estimate for your Tahoe roof, give American Eagle Roofing a call!