Why You Should Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

January 19, 2024

Some home projects and chores are easier than others. With a little bit of elbow grease and research, many projects around your home can be taken care of on a DIY basis. There are, however, some projects that are better to leave to professionals. Roofing for instance, can be dangerous and complicated. No amount of research and studying will give you the same knowledge that experience can. The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It protects the entire home, siding, foundation, and everything inside of it. If your roof fails, it can be detrimental to the entire house. Before making your roof your next DIY project, consider these facts:

Roofing Isn’t Easy

It is a common misconception that roofing is “easy”. But that can not be further from the truth. A roof is actually composed of a complex system of layers, that if pieced together incorrectly can cause major damage to your houses interior. A roof installed incorrectly can cost thousands of dollars to repair and may even require a total replacement. Even roof repairs can go from minor to major with an inexperienced person making the roof repair. For instance, walking on a tile roof alone can cause serious damage to the roof system. An inexperienced person will often cause more harm than good when trekking across a tile roof. An experience roofer knows where to step and stand on a tile roof to avoid damage.

The laborious process of a roof removal and installation is oftentimes understated. A roof removal is dirty, time consuming, and dangerous. Many DIYers give up on this step alone, as they grossly underestimated the amount of time and labor required to complete the task. A standard home may take upwards of 50+ hours of man hours for an experienced crew. That is 50+ hours literally bent over, performing backbreaking labor.

Roofing is Dangerous

Roofing is the #4 most dangerous US occupation. The obvious danger, falls, occurs more frequently than any other on the job injury, but falling is not the only hazard. Burns from chemicals, electrocution from power lines, injuries from power tools, cuts, abrasions, and other injuries are common during a roof project. Most roofing contractors employ experienced roofers who are extensively safety trained to help mitigate injury and illness. Hiring a professional roofer can protect you from the very dangerous, and even deadly task of installing your roof.

Roofing Contractors Offer Warranties

What could be worse than spending hours upon hours of grueling labor on your roof only to have it leak in the next storm? While many roof material manufacturers offer warranties on their products, these warranties only cover if the material failed. It does not cover problems caused by inappropriate installation techniques. Finding a roofing contractor that is certified by the manufacturer means they’ve been trained by the manufacturer on the proper installation. Even better, the major roofing material manufacturers offer workmanship warranties that cover the roof for 25 years. With these warranties, backed by the manufacturer, the roofing contractor can install the shingles upside and backwards, and it will still be covered for the duration of the warranty. These warranties are priceless but can only be offered by a certified roofing contractor.

If you need a repair or a replacement, you should, at the very minimum contact a roofing contractor to determine the cost. You may find that the cost of materials and your labor are worth the cost of having a roofing contractor perform the work.

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