What Type of Roof Should I Install on My home?

January 19, 2024

When it’s time to replace your roof, there are a few different material options available. Wood shake, composition shingles, standing seam metal, metal tiles, and traditional tiles, are all options when it comes to a pitched roof system. HOA ordinances, county regulations, and building codes may narrow down your options. For instance, many county ordinances require a Class A fire rated roof system be installed, which would narrow down the options available. Some HOAs have regulations that only tile roofs be installed. Regardless, there are usually multiple options available to you when it comes to replacing your pitched roof. 

  1. Wood Shake or Wood Shingle Roofs are a beautiful and unique looking roof system. It is made by splitting wood into slices, which creates a rustic texture that can be quite appealing for a roof. Another pro to wood is that it is very eco-friendly. Removed wood shingles and wood shakes can be recycled and/or disposed of with minimal impact to the environment. However, wood shingles and shakes are quickly losing popularity, especially in California. California laws require homes with wood shakes and shingles be treated for fire resistance which can be an expensive maintenance as it is required every two years. Wood shingles are also good habitats for insects like wasps and termites which can be very inconvenient. The biggest hindrance to wood shake and wood shingle roofs is that wood tends to warp and rot, which can lead to leaking. 
  1. Composition Shingles or asphalt shingles are made from either fiberglass or a cellulose mat and covered with asphalt and granules. Composition shingles are a very popular choice because they are a cost effective roofing product. Composition shingles come in dozens of styles, shapes, and colors to fit any design theme, and are energy efficient. A great plus side to composition shingles is most major manufacturers offer lifetime and extended workmanship warranties when the roof is installed by a certified roofer. On its own, most composition shingles are Class A fire rated without treatment, which makes them a superior product for fire-prone areas. The cons to composition shingles are that the most cost effective shingles aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as other roof materials are. Very high winds can also be a problem for composition shingles, although many of the newly manufactured shingles come with very high wind warranties. +
  1. Tile is most often made from clay or concrete and are very popular on both high end and suburban homes. Concrete tile has an insulation effect that is effective for regulating interiors for both heat and cold. Tile is very stylish and adds curb appeal to any home. The tile itself is long lasting. The cons to tile roofs are that they are inherently harder to maintain, as dirt and debris naturally collect in weak areas of the roof system and can cause the underlayment to deteriorate. Tile roofs are also much more expensive than composition shingle roofs. Houses must be structurally sufficient to install tile, as they are a heavier product, so before installation many ordinances require an engineer to determine if the home is structurally sufficient to withstand the weight of a tile roof. 
  1. Metal roofing can come in traditional corrugated, standing seam, or metal tiles. The benefits to metal is that it has a long lifespan in comparison to other roof materials. Metal is very energy efficient, recyclable, and is resistant to rain, wind, and fire. Metal roofing is extremely stylish and adds curb appeal to any home. The downfall to metal roofing is that it can be hard to install and to repair. Natural occurrences like “oil canning” – a phenomenon that can be aesthetically unpleasing (though does not affect the integrity of the roof) can occur. Metal that utilizes exposed screws can have issues when the natural expansion and contraction that happens with changes in weather cause the screws to back out. Standing seam metal nearly eliminates this problem however due to the hidden fastener design. Metal roofs are remarkably more expensive than other roofing options. 

Regardless of what type of roof you decide, its important to hire a knowledgeable roofing contractor to install your roof system. Even the best roof material will fail if installed incorrectly. For more information, call American Eagle Roofing.