What Should A Roofing Contract Look Like?

January 19, 2024

It is a common understanding that with any construction project – getting at least three estimates is a good idea. But do you know what your roofing estimate should look like? Your roof estimate (which turns into a contract once approved) should have specific elements.

·        Clearly Detailed Scope: Your roof contract should outline the scope of the project, including square footage (or squares when referencing roofing).

·        Identifying Information: The roofing contractor’s name, license number, and contact information should be included, as well as your name, and project address.

·        Cost: Your contract should clearly indicate the cost of the roof project; the payment schedule should also be listed.  *Important* You should never pay more than a 10% deposit for any construction project.

·        Warranty Information: The roofing warranty information should include what is included in the roof warranty, the roof warranty period, and what is excluded from the roof warranty.

The contractor’s state license board also requires certain verbiage be on every contract, including your three day right to cancel.

Regardless of how many roof estimates you receive, the one you turn into a roof contract should be well written and understood. A sign of a legitimate contractor is seen in how easily understandable his/her estimates are and whether they include all the elements of a legally binding contract.

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