Synthetic Slate Roofing

January 19, 2024

Authentic slate has been a popular roofing material choice for the United States for centuries, dating back through Europe even longer. Authentic slate has unsurpassed beauty and adds rich charm to estate homes and churches, but it doesn’t come without a cost.

Slate has a high premium because it is extremely hard to quarry, it is heavy to lift, challenging to transport due to its weight. It is also very challenging to install because it cracks easily, its fragility makes cutting and nailing labor-intensive. The hardship doesn’t end there either,because true authentic slate cracks easily once installed (which some people feel ads to its charm).

Synthetic slate roofing is a modern solution to the problems arising from authentic slate roofs. You cannot tell by looking at it, but it is made with a blend of plastic and rubber, making it lightweight and durable.

Synthetic slate roof molds are made from authentic slate, mirroring the uniformity of natural slate. Varying colors, texture, and defined details make synthetic slate look very real.

One of the biggest benefits of installing synthetic slate comes to those homeowners who are replacing their wood shake or shingle roof.Typically, homes with wood shakes are not built to withstand a heavy roofing system, so installing traditional slate or tile can create problems with the structure of the home without a proper engineer's report and changes to ensure the home can withstand the added weight. Synthetic slate, however, is so light weight that this is not a problem. Homeowners can achieve the high-end look and charm of authentic slate without the risk.