Straight Roofing Answers

January 19, 2024

Straight Roofing Answers

If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest investment. It is the single most expensive purchase of most people’s lives, so taking care of it is of utmost importance. The roof of a home is one of the most important aspects because it protects your home, and all its contents,from the outside world.  If we can imagine a building without a roof, it would seem pretty useless, right?

The decisions regarding your roof are not insignificant. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. Choices made in regards to your roof are monumental.Beyond protection, your roof can directly affect your home value and energy efficiency.

For your home, you deserve straight roofing answers! Here are the top four roof questions:

1.       Question: How can I tell if my roof needs attention?

Straight Roofing Answer: It probably does. A roof is not an “install and forget”system. It needs regular inspection to ensure its working efficiently. Gutters should be maintained and clear of debris regularly, along with valleys.Regular, preventative maintenance can ensure your roof lives up to its life expectancy.


2.       Question: What are some potential roof problems I can look out for?

Straight Roofing Answer: Besides the obvious answer of leaking, there are a few signs you can look out for that may indicate a problem. Composition roofs that appear “shiny” have lost its granules, which means it is probably worn passed its lifetime. Shingles that are curled, lifting, or missing indicates a problem that should be addressed quickly. Cracked tiles, slipped tiles, or missing tiles are also a sign that something isn’t right. Gutters or roof valleys on any type of roof that are filled with debris of any kind is an indication that the roof system needs attention.


3.       Question: Do I need to replace my roof if it’s leaking?

Straight Roofing Answer: The short answer to this is no. Many roof leaks can be corrected with a repair. A trusted roofing contractor should be able to diagnose the issue and let you know if a repair can be done, or if a replacement is warranted. In most cases, something can be done to stop the leak – but there are instances where repairs are not possible, or could not be guaranteed,making a roof replacement the viable option.


4.       Question: Can I repair/replace my roof myself?

Straight Roofing Answer: It’s not recommended. Roofing is an exceptionally dangerous job. Roofing is the sixth most dangerous job in America, about fifty roofers die yearly on the job. There are 500,000 falls from ladders annually – 97% of these come from people at home. Roofing is dangerous and is best left up to professionals. You can find countless DIY roofing articles online, but the truth is – a roof is a complex system of layers that need to be installed correctly in order to do its job. While you can save on the labor cost if you do your roof yourself, you are risking thousands of dollars in materials if it is installed incorrectly. Without a knowledgeable professional, roof projects done by homeowners are oftentimes unsuccessful, requiring a professional’s help in the end.