Straight Line to Your New Roof

January 19, 2024

Picture this: your roof is leaking, you have visible roof damage, or you’re just questioning the integrity of your roof. You’re in your living room, googling “roof contractors near me”, and being bombarded with dozens of ads. With so many options, you’re wondering how you can make a good decision. It’s like going to a restaurant with too many options on the menu, except this is a very expensive lunch. When there’s dozens of paths to roofing contractors, you should know - American Eagle is the Straight Line to your new roof! 

American Eagle Roofing is a local, family-owned business with strong ties to our community. Our projects reflect our values – commitment to family, community and our environment. Our roofers are the best in the trade- highly skilled, and trained professionals who share our company’s values. 

What sets us apart from other contractors is we believe in transparency and trust and will never compromise our integrity for a “sale”. We treat every customer as if they were our family, and that is why our motto is “Let Our Family Help Yours”. Our mantra has and always will be “there’s no project too mild or wild” which translates to – we will gladly take on any project no matter how small or large / complicated. In fact, we have happily completed dozens of roof projects other contractors have simply turned down due to size or complexity. 

We are licensed and insured, and pride ourselves in being better than the standard. We believe you CAN have the quality and speed in a contractor that you can afford. 

So, if you have found yourself lost in a mess of roof contractors, give us a call and let us clear the way!