Roof Sealants on Composition Roofs

January 19, 2024

Composition roof sealants are being marketed as a viable alternative to roof replacement. In full transparency, as a business, the opportunity to capitalize “low cost- high-profit-margin opportunities” is tempting. But, upon much research we found that we could not, in good faith, stand behind these products for a multitude of reasons.

·        Many of the manufacturers are new businesses, offering warranties longer than their product has been on the market. A product that was introduced just seven years ago, does not have proof that it can extend a roof’s life as long as it claims.

·        It’s not as cost effective as it initially seems.

o  Roof sealants for composition roofs are said to cost approximately 20% of what a new roof cost but need to be reapplied every 5 years to get the maximum benefit of 15 years.

§ Example A- Roof Sealant:

·        Year One: Cost $2,000 *example cost only*

·        Year 6 Cost: $2,000 (assuming prices do not go up, or other maintenance is not needed)

·        Year 11 Cost: $2,000 (assuming prices do not go up, or other maintenance is not needed)

·        TOTAL MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $6,000 & roof will still need to be replaced at or before 16 years ($10,00+) = $16,000

§ Example B – New Roof:

·        Year One: $10,000 with a 50-year material warranty backed by material manufactured (time tested) and 25-year workmanship warranty backed by manufacturer (time tested).

·        TOTAL INVESTMENT: $10,000 *example cost only*

o  Spray coating and roof sealants on composition roofs may extend the life the roof, but it does not stop the inevitable; the roof will eventually need to be replaced. Your total investment when using these products is actually much higher than to just replace the roof.

·        Insurance companies, especially in El Dorado County are known for cancelling policies for homes with aged composition roofs. If your roof is subjected to these policies, you may be required to replace your roof, despite your investment in these spray coatings.

·        Integrity! As a business, we feel that it is important to stand behind what you are selling! The major composition shingle manufacturer’s come with a 50-year material guarantee. The selling tactic of spray on roof coatings relies on these same roofs deteriorating after 15 years. We cannot, in good faith, sell both as it would be a contradiction. If the roofs we are selling have material warranties of 50 years, how can we then say that composition shingle roofs only last 15-20? It is not a narrative we can comfortably get behind.


In the future, when the companies that are mass producing these replacement alternatives are time tested and we can provably stand behind the marketed claims, we may very well jump on that “make a quick buck” motive. However, as it stands, spray on roof coatings and sealants on composition roofs are not something we currently stand behind or offer.