Roof Maintenance

January 19, 2024

A roof is not an "install and forget" product. Protecting your largest investment, and everything inside of it, the roof of your house requires attention to keep it functioning properly. The lifespan of any roof is determined by how well it was taken care of. Routine inspections and proper maintenance are an imperative part of ensuring your roof meets its life expectancy. These tasks should be done on a routine basis:

·        Blow off debris from roof

·        Blowout valleys, if applicable

·        Blow debris from gutters

·        Visual inspect condition of roof

·        Check and seal roof flashings

When your roof is properly maintained, you can ensure that small problems – like clogged valleys – do not turn into large problems, like deteriorated underlayment, leaks, and subsequent interior damage.

Picture it like this: you purchase a brand-new car, drive it 99,000 miles without a single oil change, fluid check, or any other routine maintenance. Would the dealership honor the 100,000 warranty on your broken vehicle if this were the case? The answer is likely, no – this is because your vehicle (like your roof) require maintenance to keep it operating effectively. Ignoring it will drastically decrease the lifespan.

It is always safer and more effective to hire an expert to perform maintenance on your roof. When in doubt, definitely considering hiring a knowledgeable roofing professional.