Repurposing Old Roofing Materials: A Guide to Creative and Sustainable DIY Projects

January 19, 2024

Transform Shingles into Artistic Pieces

Whether you have asphalt or wooden shingles, they can be transformed into an array of decorative items. For instance, you can paint them and hang them as unique, rustic wall decorations. Or, you can create a garden walkway with a mosaic of differently colored shingles. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

Slate Tiles as Serving Platters

Slate is a natural stone that is both elegant and durable, making it perfect for kitchen use. Slate roof tiles can be cleaned and sealed, then used as cheese boards or serving platters. They can also be used as a stunning backdrop for culinary photos.

Metal Roofing as Wall Decor or Planters

Corrugated metal roofing can be cut and shaped into unique wall art or used to create a modern industrial look in your home. Alternatively, consider using smaller pieces as planters. Just be sure to add drainage holes and line the interior to protect your plants.

Ceramic Tiles as Coasters or Garden Decor

Ceramic tiles are beautiful and versatile. With a bit of sealing to make them water-resistant, they can be used as coasters. Alternatively, they can be painted and placed throughout your garden as decorative stepping stones or markers for your plants.

Wooden Shingles into Birdhouses

If you're replacing a wooden shingle roof, consider using the material to make birdhouses. This can be a fun project to do with children and a great way to provide shelter for local wildlife. Remember to research the correct dimensions for the bird species in your area.

Safety First

When undertaking any DIY project with old roofing materials, it's crucial to ensure safety. Wear protective gloves to guard against sharp edges and use the appropriate tools for cutting or reshaping materials. If your roofing materials are very old, it's also wise to check for asbestos before starting any projects. Asbestos can be harmful if inhaled, so have a professional check if you're unsure.


Repurposing old roofing materials not only helps reduce waste but also offers the opportunity to create something unique and meaningful for your home or garden. It's a testament to the notion that with a little creativity and effort, what was once considered 'waste' can find a new and purposeful life. As you embark on these DIY projects, remember that the joy is as much in the process as it is in the final product. Happy crafting!