Pros and Cons to Different Roofing Materials

January 19, 2024

Most people do not give a second thought to their roof until they’ve experienced a problem. It’s leaking, you’ve noticed tiles have slipped off or cracked, or it’s been damaged by a tree limb or storm – suddenly the roof you never thought of becomes an emergency.

A new roof provides more than just protection though, it can dramatically improve your curb appeal, and increases the value of your home. The roof protects your largest investment and everything inside of it. It is an imperative part of your home, and one that, when the need arises, requires a knowledgeable and professional contractor’s help.

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Tile Roof Replacement

Is your wood shake roof one gust of wind away from giving you an unwanted skylight? Are you constantly repairing leaks on your tile roof, year after year? Whether you live in a homeowners association that requires tile roofing, or you just like the look of a traditional tile roof, a properly installed tile roof provides charm and years of protection.

A tile roof comes in a variety of different shapes and colors, and are most commonly made from concrete, clay, or terra-cotta.

There are pros and cons to installing a tile roof.


·        Tile is attractive and stylish.

·        Tile is long lasting when properly maintained.

·        Tile has energy efficient options.


·        Tile roofs can be difficult and can be expensive to install correctly.

·        Tile roofs are substantially heavier, and sometimes requires engineering to install.

·        Not all roof slopes are suitable for tile roofs.

Composition Roof Replacement

Do you find granules in your gutters? Is your composition roof shiny and worn? Have you noticed staining on your ceiling? In the last ten years, the quality and appearance of composition roofs have improved dramatically. But, if your roof was installed more than ten years ago, the composition shingles used during that time may have been subpar. Another common problem on composition roofs, is that lack of regular roof maintenance causes the roof system to fail prematurely. Even newly installed roofs, if done incorrectly, fail.

Composition shingles are the most widely used roof material, and comes in a variety of color options, styles, and thicknesses to suit any style.

Like anything, there are pros and cons to installing a composition shingle roof.


·        Composition shingles are the most cost-effective solution to new roof installations and roof replacements.

·        There are a variety of colors and styles, including composition roofing that mimic the look of wood shakes, and Tudor style tiles.

·        Composition shingles are now available will lifetime warranties, and lifetime workmanship warranties when installed by factory certified contractors.


·        Depending on the type, composition shingles can have a shorter lifespan than metal, slate, and tile roofing.

·        Composition shingles are more susceptible to wind damage than tile roofs.

·        Low sloped roofs are not suitable for composition shingles.

Metal Roof Replacement

The rise of Chip and Joana Gaines on HGTV’s popular show, Fixer Upper, may be one reason why metal roofing has become a popular and trendy roof choice in more recent years. Now-a-Days, metal roofs add a modern touch to residential homes, but metal roofing is not a new fad. Metal roofing has been used traditionally on farmhouses, barns, and in snow country for decades because of its durability.

Metal roofing comes in styles outside of the traditional farmhouse look. Metal tiles are, as the name implies, shaped like tiles, but made of metal. If you’d like the look of tile, but don’t to subject your house to the added weight of heavy tile, metal roof tiles are a great alternative.

When selecting a roof option, considering the pros and cons is always important:


·        Metal roofing offers unique looks and designs that can dramatically increase your curb appeal.

·        Metal roofing is lightweight, and extremely durable. Most metal roofing, when installed correctly is truly a “lifetime” roof.

·        Metal roofing is eco-friendly and energy efficient.


·        Material and labor costs of metal roofing can be significantly higher than composition shingles.

·        Metal roofs can be noisy in heavy rain or hailstorms. Adding insulation during installation usually eradicates this problem, however.

·        Metal roofs naturally expand and contract with weather changes, using a contractor that specializes in metal roofing will help ensure that panels to not loosen over time.