January 19, 2024

HomeAdvisor is a contractor matching service for homeowners. HomeAdvisor, previously known as ServiceMagic, helps homeowners make educated decisions for their homes. Whether for foundations to roofing and everything in between, HomeAdvisor matches homeowner to screened professionals in their area.

HomeAdvisor does the research for their homeowners by ensuring only legitimate contractors are available on their site. By performing criminal background checks and identity verification's, as well as verifying licensing and business filings, HomeAdvisor takes the guesswork out!

Most requests are sent to multiple contractors listed in that area of expertise, providing homeowners a selection of suitable contractors. In conjunction with the reviews on that contractors page, homeowners can make educated decisions regarding their home improvement project.

American Eagle Roofing has been a contractor on HomeAdvisor for a little over a year, and we are proud of the badges we've received in that short amount of time.