Gutter Guards in Sacramento

January 19, 2024

Sacramento is lovingly referred to as “The City of Trees”, and a drive down many of Sacramento’s streets will prove why – as the overhead is thick with elms, oaks, and sycamore canopies. In fact, Sacramento has one of the densest tree canopies, internationally as reported by MIT in a global study.

It was not always this way, however. In the Gold Rush era when people began flocking to California. The Central Valley region was covered in grass – not trees. Settlers planted shade trees that thrived in soil, rich in nutrients thanks to the American and Sacramento River. As a result, Sacramento has been lovingly referred to as the “City of Trees since the late 1800s.

With such, homeowners in Sacramento are both blessed and cursed. Such beautiful tree cover comes can come with a surprising headache –clogged gutters.

Your gutter system, when clogged with leaves a debris, can wreak havoc on your home. Clogged gutters do not drain properly, and can cause damage to siding, foundation, and even the interior of your home. But, keeping gutters maintained, especially in tree-dense areas, can be a never-ending chore.

There is a solution though: gutter guards. Gutter guards, or sometimes called – gutter covers or gutter screens, do exactly as the name suggests, covering and protecting the gutters from accumulating debris, which overtime clog drains and cause problems. Of course, no gutter guard is completely maintenance free – but the frequency and effort required in sweeping debris from the top of gutter guards is considerably less.

In almost all cases, gutter guards are an effective solution for Sacramento homeowners hoping to reduce the amount of upkeep required to keep gutters flowing properly.