Get Your Mind in the Gutter

January 19, 2024
Gutters play an important role in the health of your entire home. Not only do gutters provide convenience by diverting water shedding from the roof away from entry ways and pathways, but gutters also help protect the landscape, siding, roof and even the foundation of the home.
There's a saying that goes "water always wins". Water is a powerful force - water is so powerful it made the Grand Canyon. Water has the innate ability to destroy homes from the ground up, and the roof down. Humans have spent thousands of years coming up with solutions to keep water out. Gutters is one of those solutions, but despite what an important part gutters play in keeping the house waterproof, gutters are also something easily forgotten about. Neglected gutters can wreak havoc on a home. When full of debris, gutters cannot properly function. Water cannot properly drain, and may even back up under roof system and enter the home. When too full, water can overflow over the gutters, damaging landscape, and potentially the foundation if left unattended too long. Gutters full of debris can get too heavy, causing it to pull away from the house, or even fall off - taking fascia with it.
Ultimately, keeping gutter maintained is extremely important. If doing it yourself is not an option, hiring someone to do the gutter cleaning for you will still save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from the potential damage that can occur from not properly maintaining your gutter system.
So, set an alert on your phone, mark your calendar, put a sticky note on your desk - anything that will get your mind in the gutter at least once per year! You'll be thankful you did!