Do I Need Gutter Guards?

January 19, 2024

The answer to that question, if you live in a most areas of Central and Northern California is – YES! Do you struggle to keep your gutters clean, especially in the fall months when our beautiful California tree canopies shed its leaves? Are your gutters overflowing, leaking, or rusty? If so, gutter guards are probably the solution.

Gutter guards do more than just keep debris such as leaves, dirt, twigs, sticks, acorns, pine needles, and seeds out of your gutters. In the long run, gutter guards can save you thousands in maintenance costs. It is easy to forget to maintain your gutter system, but this easily ignored chore can cost thousands in repairs later. Gutters that leak and / or overflow can damage siding, roofing, foundation, landscape and even the interior of your home. Most gutter leaks are caused by improper maintenance. Adding a gutter guard, gutter cover, gutter topper, or gutter screen as they are interchangeably called, can dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance required- keeping your gutters free of debris and clogging, keeping water flowing freely and draining properly, and ensuring your home is safe from damage.

When downspouts are too clogged to properly allow water drainage, standing water in gutters can cause mosquito infestations. Ensuring gutters are properly draining water is an especially important part of keeping your house and family safe.

In addition, another important reason to install gutter guards is to protect from fires. Debris left in gutters through hot, dry, summer months can become a fire hazard, so much so that many county ordinances require gutter guard installation on homes. If you live in Placer County, for instance, you may be required to have gutter guards!

Let Our Family Help Yours!

American Eagle Roofing has high quality options for your gutter guard installation. Our skilled and trained professionals can install gutter guards on your home at a fair and affordable cost.