Can I pay for a new roof in monthly payments?

January 19, 2024

You need a new roof, the one on your house is old, it may be leaking, or maybe you’re just trying to be proactive. For most people, replacing a roof is a big project. It’s something that hopefully, many will only have to do once in their lifetimes. Unlike a fancy new kitchen or bathroom remodel, replacing a roof doesn’t seem as “fun”. While, having a new roof can add a ton of curb appeal, can dramatically change the aesthetic of the home, can increase energy efficiency, and can offer peace of mind, a roof project isn’t typically something people are excited to spend their money on. 

Holding on to cash assets, especially in uncertain times, can be very important to people. Financing a large expense can help people feel more secure with their cash assets by spreading the payments up over time. 

Financing can also help if you don’t have the cash when you really need the roof. With very small down payments, and relatively easy approval, financing a roof can help you protect your biggest asset by offering affordable monthly payments. 

If you’re interested in getting a roof, but you want to pay the roof payment in monthly payments, considering hiring a reputable contractor. Many financing companies are available, but they will usually only partner with reliable, trusted, licensed and insured contractors. It is unlikely you will find a “guy in a truck” roofer able to offer monthly payments, because most finance companies have stringent guidelines on who can offer their financing. American Eagle Roofing has been vetted with multiple financing companies so that we can offer you monthly payments on your roof project. 

With some loans offering no payments and no interest for twelve months, you can feel secure having a loan that doesn’t dip too far into your cash for a year. Also, if you pay it off in under the promotionally period, usually twelve months, you can finance your roof with zero interest. The benefits of financing with a home improvement loan, according to mosaic are: 

“Home equity loans can have lower interest rates — but require lots of paperwork, an appraisal and have a lengthy approval process. And new homeowners may not have enough equity built up in their homes. Credit cards can have higher interest rates but are fast and easy to use. However, credit card payments spread over longer periods of time may dramatically increase the total cost after interest.

Interest rates for home improvement loans typically fall in the middle — and the process is fast, easy to apply for and offers long-term repayment options.”

If you’re wanting to find a reputable roofing contractor that can offer you monthly payments for you roof project. Give American Eagle Roofing a call.