BattenUP to Increase Your Tile Roof Life!

January 19, 2024

You have a tile roof, it should last a lifetime, right? The answer is more complex. While concrete tile is relatively durable, what's underneath isn't always.

The roof underlayment commonly used under a tile roof can get brittle and deteriorate over time, especially if the roof lacks ventilation, and in areas where build up of debris and water can occur. A major problem in a tile roof system is the wood batten system used. Most people know what happens to wood when it is exposed to water - it doesn't take long for it to start to rot. In addition to this, wood battens can prevent water from properly flowing down the roof deck, especially if months or years of dirt and leaves are built up behind the batten. The debris build-up further hinders the water from flowing properly down the roof slope, and instead can pool behind the wood batten, which in turn rots the wood batten more, deteriorating the underlayment and causing a leak. It does not take long for this to turn into a disaster for your roof system - and can cause thousands of dollars in roof repairs to correct the roof leak.

The solution? It's a relatively simple one, and an invention that has builders and roofers wondering "why didn't I think of that?" Fortunately, Battens Plus, has a genius product that eliminates this very common tile roof problem. BattenUP is a durable, fluted plastic batten that allows water and small debris to flow directly through the batten, instead of collecting and ponding behind it. But that's not all it does! It also adds a level of ventilation that helps keep your roof cooler, so much so that BattenUP qualifies under Title 24 as an alternative to installing a "cool roof".

If you need your tile roof replaced, or repaired - ask your roofer about BattenUP.

And as always, American Eagle Roofing is here to help with your roof needs!

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